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dermasuctionWalgreens was founded back in 1901 as a single drugstore but has grown to become the second biggest chain of pharmacy stores in the United States. Walgreens has continued to innovate and change over the years to what it is today. They have a five star rated pharmacy app and they even have an online ecommerce platform where people can purchase their products. That’s not all, Walgreens now provides more than just conventional drugs but also other health equipment and devices for instance suction devices.

What is Dermasuction?

Dermasuction is a skincare device that is used to get rid of blackheads, pimples, impurities and oils from the skin. It is an electrical device that is battery operated.

How does a suction device work?

It works on the principles of suction pressure. It has a vacuum chamber inside where a vacuum is created meaning that the pressure inside there drops way below the atmospheric pressure and therefore the pressure difference sucks the contents of what is the probe upwards into the probe.

Does Dermasuction really work?

Dermasuction besides being in the market for quite some time now, it has not fully satisfied the users. There are many problems with the device but still some of the users report that it works perfectly for them. However this success rate is not very high for us to recommend Dermasuction. Instead we recommend the new Beyond Blackhead suction device that has completely taken the market by storm.

Beyond Blackhead has reported a high success rate, way over 90% success rate. This means that the device is working for most of the people that have purchased it. It has an ingenious design that is also ergonomic and easy to use. Beyond Blackhead users have also reported that the device is powerful but yet gentle. Still it comes with five different power settings that allow you to regulate the power and hence the suction pressure. This means that when you just want a little power you push it down to the first level and for the highest power you change it to the fifth level. There are different probes also in the package which means you can change to the one that suits what you want to do. For instance, the probe for a microdermabrasion which exfoliates the skin si different from the one that removes the blackheads or the pimples.

Does Walgreens Stock Dermasuction?

Unfortunately for those that love to shop for their health devices at Walgreens, Dermasuction is not stocked by Walgreens. However you can be able to acquire the original alternative Beyond Blackhead easily online. With our link for instance you will be taken directly to a page where you can purchase Beyond Blackhead at the most favorable prices in the market. Also, the link takes you to where you will get only the authentic Beyond Blackhead. There are many other blackhead suction devices in the market that do not provide value for money.

With Beyond Blackhead suction device you can be sure to give your skin extra benefits like tightness, youthful skin that is wrinkle free and a deeply cleansed skin.

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