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dermasuctionSuction devices are skincare devices that operate through suction pressure to remove impurities, pus or oil from pimples, and debris from the skin. Suction devices have been studied and shown to really remove impurities from the skin and also eliminate blackheads or spots and pimples from the skin. The devices work by creating a vacuum where suction pressure enough to suck the impurities from the skin is generated. As the device is moved, pressure changes suck the impurities from the skin to the head of the device. The beauty of using a suction device is that you can see it work and remove the impurities there right in front of your eyes.

Dermasuction is one such device in the market. It works through sucking to remove impurities from the skin. But does dermasuction really work or is it a scam? This is the biggest worry that most people who are considering buying a suction device have. Most people wonder whether Dermasuction really provides the results it promises to or it is just a hype created to sell the product. To answer this question we set out to the test two different suction devices in the market, Dermasuction and Beyond Blackhead, to understand which one works better.

From our review of the two suction devices we have concluded without any bias that Beyond Blackhead is the superior product. Beyond Blackhead provides you with five different settings for different types of skin. The suction pressure generated by the vacuum is strong enough to remove all the impurities and blackheads while still ensuring that your skin is protected. To ensure that the device works well, you should first steam your face with a hot towel or with hot water for about  5 minutes. This helps in softening the skin and also he pimples so that the impurities and the blackhead becomes easy to remove. It also reduces the need to use very high pressure to remove the impurities which can cause bruising.

Dermasuction has been in the market longer than Beyond Blackhead but doesn’t work as well as Beyond Blackhead does. Dermasuction provides inconsistent suction pressure that can either hurt your skin or fail to work at all. With Beyond Blackhead the product works perfectly and provides the necessary pressure all the time. Beyond Blackhead being a new product in the market provides better technology making the device work smoothly. It is also made with high quality materials and given good finishes. It is ergonomic and very comfortable for use. Beyond Blackhead comes with four different heads that provide different functions.

The four heads with Beyond Blackhead are the cleansing pore (small circular pore), the skin tightening (circular pore), comedo suction (big circular pore) and the skin smooth microcrystalline pore. All these heads provide different benefits on your skin including; they exfoliate dead skin, removal blackheads, comedo and fat cells and they firm and improve the skin elasticity. Because of these benefits and many other intuitive features of the Beyond Blackhead device we highly recommend it for those in need of a suction device.

Beyond Blackhead is prove that suction devices can really work and it has won where all the others have failed.

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