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Bed Bath and Beyond is a chain of domestic merchandise retail store with stores in the United States, Mexico, Perto Rico and Canada. It was started back in 1971 and it specializes with sale of bedroom and bathroom products. This includes products used in beauty and especially skin care such as Dermasuction. However you cannot find Dermasuction in Bed Bath and Beyond. Why is this so? This is because Dermasuction is only sold from affiliate websites and the official website. Other online e-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay also do not sell Dermasuction.

What is Dermasuction and Does it work?

dermasuctionDermasuction is a suction device used to remove blackheads and pimples. It has a suction pump that removes the impurities on the skin as the device is moved swiftly on the skin.

There are many reviews about the product found online but many people end up confused on whether really the Dermasuction works or not. Some users report that the device has worked for them but our research showed that most of the people that purchase the Dermasuction are not satisfied with the results. This is why the device has received many negative reviews than positive ones.

Some of the cons that people talk about include that: Dermasuction has inconsistency in provision of pressure, it may cause bruises and irritation for some people, for some people with hard blackheads the device might not even work at all. It is these problems and others that led us to find the other suction device in the market that can give users a better experience. This search led us to Beyond Blackhead.

Beyond Blackhead is a much newer suction device in the market with a better performance that Dermasuction. Beyond Blackhead has a better suction pump that provides proper pressure. It also has a much stronger pump that ensures even the hardest blackheads are removed after just few uses. The pump is designed in such a way that it provides good suction to remove the impurities but it is gentle on the skin.

Beyond Blackhead is also loved by many because of the power settings that it has. Unlike Dermasuction and many other devices in the market, it has five different power settings to provide different suction powers. This is important because it makes the device usable on different skin types. With the low power settings, Beyond Blackhead can be used with sensitive skin and for the high power settings it can be used for hard blackheads.

Beyond Blackhead suction device is made in an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue while in use. It is also very lightweight therefore comfortable for use. The finish of the device speaks premium language. You cannot compare Beyond Blackhead with other suction devices in the market most of which have a cheap plastic look. To ensure that you can tell the different power levels and the amount of charge you have left in the battery, the Beyond Blackhead suction device has a bright LCD display that is easy to read.

Beyond Blackhead has a rechargeable battery with a high capacity therefore it lasts through several sessions without need to recharge. It is also very easy to recharge using a USB cable.

Beyond Blackhead device is by far the most superior one to use and the price is affordable.

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