Dermasuction Reviews

dermasuction reviewsNote:  We have noted with a lot of concern that Dermasuction doesn’t work as  claimed. It’s reportedly causing bruises and there is alot of negative reviews online.  We highly recommend another better alternative called Beyond Blackhead. You can read on for more shocking info about Dermasuction, or go directly to Beyond Blackhead official website for more information about it.

Blackheads and Pimples can be really annoying. No one likes to have to pop open a pimple to remove all the oil and sometimes even pus inside the pimples. It can be an unsightly event. It may also lead to cross contamination making the pimple even worse. So what solution is there for those that have pimples and blackheads? There are many solutions available in the industry but one that grabbed the attention of many people is the suction devices for pimples and blackheads removal.

What is Dermasuction?

Dermasuction is a suction device that is used for skin care purposes. It is an electronic device that is battery operated. It is small and portable and quite easy to use. It comes with different probes for different purposes. But does it really work?

Main features of Dermasuction

Probes – Dermasuction comes with four different probes for different purposes. The first probe is the oval probe. This probe is used to smoothen the areas that have fine lines and enhance circulation in the skin. Enhanced circulation means a youthful and more vibrant skin. The other probe is the small probe. This probe has a small opening at the top that comes into contact with the skin. This probe is ideal for unclogging pores and reducing blemishes. It is ideal for sensitive skin.

The third probe in the Dermasuction package is the large probe. This one has a large opening that comes into contact with the skin. This probe provides large suction pressure thereby providing deep cleansing of the skin. It is also ideal for cleaning large parts of the body like the legs and hands. The last probe is the sonic microdermabrasion probe. This probe is ideal for loosening and exfoliating dead skin.

Can be used anywhere on the skin – dermabrasion is advertised as suitable for use anywhere on the skin. It can be used anywhere besides just on the face. This makes it a good tool to use for whole body cleansing.

Three power settings – Dermasuction provides three different power settings that can be used on the different types of skin.

Pros and Cons of using Dermasuction 

There are some pros and cons associated with using Dermasuction.


  • Gives your skin a feeling of cleanliness and youthfulness.
  • Can be used anywhere on the face or larger areas of the body like legs and arms.
  • It is easy to clean.

Cons of using Dermasuction 

  • Provides an unreliable pressure that is highly inconsistent.
  • Might cause bruising and bleeding to your skin
  • It might leave your skin with lines after use
  • The product has been shown not to work for some people
  • It has only three different power settings as compared to other products that have more.
  • One of the variants does not have rechargeable batteries.

Negative Reviews on Dermasuction



As is evident from these researched pros and cons of using Dermasuction it can be seen that there are quite many cons which led us to search for an alternative product that users can opt for. We discovered this more innovative product that is called Beyond Blackhead.

What is Beyond Blackhead?

It is a suction device used for removing blackheads and pimples. It is also an electronic device that uses a rechargeable battery for operation. The device is cordless and only a USB cable is required during charging. This makes it a highly portable item because of the ease of charging.

Beyond Blackhead is manufactured by a renowned skincare company that has been in the market for decades and has provided other skincare products. Beyond Blackhead comes with five different probes and more so five different power settings to cater for all skin types and different skin conditions.

Dermasuction pore cleaning device reviews

How does Beyond Blackhead work?

Beyond Blackhead works just like any other suction device by using pressure to suck impurities out of the skin and remove blackheads and pimples. However unlike many other products in the market, Beyond Blackhead is a premium device with a state of the art pump that works like magic. The pump is one that is very powerful for those cumbersome removals yet it is very gentle on the skin.

The pump creates a vacuum inside the device and the difference in pressure causes the impurities on the skin to be sucked into the lower pressure region. Beyond Blackhead comes with five different probes that are used for different functions.

Does Beyond Blackhead really work?

From the research that we have carried out on this device online and after testing it ourselves we can conclude that Beyond Blackhead device really works. It is able to provide the desired results for most of the users after several uses or even immediately depending on the condition of the skin. See rave reviews below.


Features of Beyond Blackhead

Probes – the Beyond Blackhead device comes with five probes. The default one is the beauty probe that can be used to just give the skin a subtle clean. There is also the microcrystalline skin smooth probe that massages and exfoliates the skin. This helps to bring out the natural skin radiancy. There is also the large probe or the comedo probe. It is good at deep cleansing the skin and ensuring that the skin maintains tightness. The oval probe on the other hand is ideal where the skin shows fine lines. It helps to remove the smooth lines.

Ergonomic design – the device is made in an ergonomic design that is easy to use and that does not cause hand fatigue. It is lightweight and highly portable too.

Power levels – the device has five different power levels that are easily adjusted with buttons. The five power levels are adjusted for different types of skins because they provide different pressure levels. The higher up you go the more the suction pressure you get.

Pros and cons of using Beyond Blackhead 


  • Has five probes that can be used for different conditions
  • Offers many other extra benefits like skin tightness, youthful skin, and deeply cleansed skin.
  • Has five power settings suitable for different skin types
  • Is very gentle on the skin
  • Has a powerful pump that provides the required suction on the skin to avoid causing irritation
  • Has a big capacity battery that lasts for long
  • Uses a rechargeable battery that is easily charged via usb cable.
  • The device is easy to clean after use
  • Much affordable compared to Dermasuction


  • The charging cable doesn’t come with an adapter which is not a big deal.

For all those in the market for a suction device, we recommend the Beyond Blackhead device because of the many benefits that it offers.

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